Email Marketing

Email campaigns produce impressive results and increase customer loyalty

A strategy within your reach

Email marketing is extremely targeted and can produce fantastic results when done correctly. There's a lot that goes in to a productive email campaign and the most important component is your mailing list. Start building your mailing list now!

A PLUS for Your Business

Building customer loyalty, increasing your brand’s awareness, nurturing leads, acquiring new customers or converting interested parties into paying customers are all results you can achieve through a targeted email marketing campaign.

Email marketing ideas:

  • Surveys
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Promotions and deals
  • Ongoing customer services
  • Sales letters to potential customers
Super-Charge Business with a Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns
Opt-in List Building

Opt-In List Building

In order to have the best success with your email marketing campaign, you must have an up-to-date and legally compliant mailing list. Chances are you already have one established; but do you have an on-going strategy to build that list? We can help you with those startegies. 

Bill C-28: Canada's anti-spam law

It is essential to respect the anti-spam legislation came into force in July 2014, which states that you must get the consent of your recipients (whether express or implied). To learn more about that subject, visit:

Landing Pages Convert Traffic

An email marketing campaign should always have a purpose. Besides, a landing page can significantly influence the results, your readers should be directed to take action, whether it is a call, a purchase or request for quote!

landing pages
Email marketing strategies don't happen in a snap. It takes planning and proper execution.
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