Marketing on Facebook

The Most Popular Place on the Web

Facebook is the most visited website online today. With 1.11 billion active monthly users, it’s an understatement to say Facebook is popular! The marketing capacity is limitless with Facebook, and with the new graph search, Facebook is poised to hone-in locally.

Pair up local communities and local businesses; the result is relevant leads and real results!

Take a look at Facebook’s current numbers:

  • 4.5 billion “likes” per day on user content
  • 4.75 billion content items shared daily
  • 1.11 billion active monthly users
  • 665 million active daily users
  • 751 users on mobile devices
  • 16 million local businesses

Reach your target audience with Facebook Advertising

The most important thing to note about Facebook advertising is that it is incredibly targeted. Your ads will only display to people who have demonstrated an interest in your product or service, based on their profile preferences and activity.

The second point is that your advertising displays in real time, meaning it is being seen when the user is online and active. That increases the likelihood of them taking action. Facebook advertising also pushes your branding initiatives even deeper by increasing your exposure to your relevant audience.

Drive New Business to your Website

Linking Facebook and other social media accounts to your webpage will not only increase traffic, it will increase word of mouth referrals. Because of the social nature of Facebook, if you engage in it socially, you will naturally get word of mouth referrals and more people that become aware of what you do.

Facebook Apps - Great way for building your community

Increasing the number of people following your page on Facebook is an important goal of creating and maintaining brand awareness.

A good way to build up your community on Facebook is to install and use Adeo Marketings Facebook contest application.  It is an ideal way to promote new products, services and to boost your “Likes”.

The Power of Facebook

Facebook is a place people come together and interact; on the things that matter to them. It’s a place to inspire action, it’s a place to work together, it’s a place to offer solutions; and it’s a place to show you care and to grow. If you want to send out waves in the Facebook world; you have to bring a potent, relevant message and presence to your Facebook community. Be present and keep it social.

Need some tips on how to do this? Give us a call!

Get your Message Right

Knowing your business and knowing your customers is the foundation for any successful Facebook campaign. What are your customers looking for? What does your business have to offer? We can help you find the answers to those questions and develop a targeted social media strategy to carry out your brand message to the right people.

3 Steps to Facebook Success

Want Results?

Very often businesses will create a Facebook page, post for a few months; and quit. Often the whole thing gets shelved simply because the business became discouraged, ran out of time or ideas, or didn’t see any immediate results. If you already have a page, but are seeing little or no results, we can help you turn things around. Here's a few tips to help you get started:

1. Why do you have a Facebook Page?

Like any great marketing tool, knowing why and how to market on Facebook will help you develop crystal clear strategies. To get the best results from a Facebook page or marketing strategy, you must know why you are doing it and what your goals are; and make sure your strategy lines up with those. Facebook is also a great place to get involved in local social matters. Showing you care has a huge impact for your business.

2. Be Present and just be Real.

You have to be present to get results with social media. Real-time will have a huge impact on your success, and responding to comments or posts a week later is not going to motivate anybody to take action. Commit to checking and interacting at least daily, on the weekdays. If you can’t, then hire an internet marketing company who can! We hope that's us!! The second part to this step is to be genuinely interested in people. Interact with them in a way that demonstrates the best qualities your business has. Show them that what matters to them, matters to you.

3. Be Consistent

The easy part is always getting the great idea. The challenge lies in the follow through. Starting up a Facebook page is just the first step. Develop and stick to a strategy that involves consistent and relevant activity. Make sure that your posting frequency is consistent and keep in mind that overly prolific posting can get you ignored by your potential followers and friends. Start out and adjust your frequency to fit naturally with your users.

We’d love to answer your questions about using Facebook for business. Contact us today and let’s start getting results for your business using Facebook. We’re ready to go, are you?


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