Internet marketing company

Internet marketing company

The goal of internet marketing is to drive a targeted audience to your website. How this is accomplished depends on the location of your customers, the products or services you sell, and the competition on the web.
In order to develop a successful internet marketing strategy for your company, you must understand your customers.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who makes the decision for purchasing your product or service
  • Is your current website offering relevant information for your customers
  • Before you write for your website or any other marketing material ask yourself these questions

1. What are you selling?

Write a short paragraph explaining your product or service

2. Who are your ideal customers?

Arrange a list of your current customers and rank them A, B and C. A represents your ideal customer, B represents good customers and C represents customers you do business with once in awhile.

3. What problem does it solve or what benefits does your product or service provide?
Write a short text explaining your solution or benefit. Make sure that your message is short and not a rambling text.
  • Is your current website up to date and easy to navigate
  • Where are your customers located? Are they regional, in the Montreal area or throughout Quebec or across Canada and US
  • What other website does a good job in offering your products or service
  • How often do you conduct an email marketing campaign to your existing customers
  • What other internet marketing strategies can your company benefit from

Adeo can guide and help you plan an effective internet marketing strategy that will bring results. We will take the time to understand your business and the customers you sell to.
Some business can benefit from an SEO (search engine optimization) and social media quickly, while other must undertake a PPC (pay per click) internet marketing campaign first because their customer base is local or finding an obvious key phrase is difficult.  If a key phrase is extremely competitive, reaching the first pages of search engines can take six months, a year or even longer.

Adeo Internet Marketing company offers the following internet marketing services:

SEO (search engine optimization)

PPC (pay per click advertising)

Email marketing campaign management

Affiliate marketing consultation

Contact us today to discuss the appropriate internet marketing strategy for your business. If you are located in Montreal, Laval,  Sherbrooke, Granby or Eastern Quebec one of our internet marketing consultants will come and meet with you in person.

Thanks for visiting our website, hopefully you find the information on our webiste useful. Check out the articles section for more important internet marketing information. We will be releasing articles relating to organic internet marketing (SEO), web design and development, (PPC) internet marketing often; please check with us again.

Choosing an internet marketing company can be a difficult task. Adeo is an internet marketing firm that offers a unique personal approach.

Adeo Internet marketing firm takes the time to understand your business and  explain the various internet marketing strategies available to you.
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Adeo is a internet marketing Montreal company.

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