Web Marketing

Marketing analysis

The first step to a successful Internet marketing strategy is a detailed analyses of your company’s products and services, and the marketplace in which you sell them. To begin creating content about your products or services, we need to know what they are, how good they are, how competitively priced they are and what, if anything, is unique about them. We must learn who buys your products or services—their age, income, where they live and the phrases and key words they use to search for your products or services online. All together, this detailed analyses paints a picture of your products and services, and gives us the information we need to begin the process of marketing your company effectively.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization means improving the visibility of a website by way of matching product information with clients and potential clients and the terms they are using to search for those products.

Social media

Adeo Internet Marketing specializes in the design and development of high quality social media solutions. The social-media revolution is just beginning, and now is the time to develop a social media strategy.

Campaign Management

From brainstorming ideas to setting up a successful website or Facebook contest, ADEO will manage your sales and marketing campaigns from start to finish.


From your company’s website to all of the social media platforms you operate, ADEO will issue detailed reports, so that you will know exactly how your Internet marketing strategy is working out. From Facebook “likes” to time spent on your website and page views, you will be able to see exactly what is working, what isn’t and adjust accordingly.


Web Development

Industry & Project Analyses

Before we begin to design the components of your company’s Internet marketing solution, we have to analyze your industry and the project at hand. Are you an industry leader? If not, who is and what are they doing that makes them so successful? Next we analyze the project and develop an Internet marketing strategy, focusing on the elements that will generate leads for your company.

Graphic Design

With our in-house graphic artists, ADEO can design a superior-quality and engaging website that’s bound to attract attention and leads for your business. The higher the quality of website design, the more your prospective clients will trust your company’s message and the more likely they will be to purchase your products and services.


How your website will look, and the content contained within will depend on the developmental methodology:

  1. Before the design phase can begin, we have to find out who is interested in your company and the key words and phrases they use to search for your   products and/or services.
  2. Once we have established the key words and phrases, we can begin the design phase of graphics and images, and mapping out the pages of the website.
  3. Next we populate the pages with well written and original copy (text).
  4. Finally, the site must be optimized to ensure that it is visible to all the major search engines, aswell as smartphone friendly and contains the relevant key words and phrases that will attract visitors.


All of ADEO’s Internet marketing solutions are designed with easy use as a top priority. From simple website navigation and ensuring your website is smartphone friendly to social media platforms that stay true and consistent to your brand’s design, image and message.

Facebook Application Development/Android and Iphone apps

ADEO is an industry leader in the development of Facebook, Android and iPhone applications that will help showcase your company’s products and/or services. Applications can greatly improve the interaction your company has with potential clients and canhelp generate leads.


Social Networking


The content that’s written on your company’s website, social media channels and in any correspondence you have with clients and potential clients must be well written and free of spelling and grammatical errors. After all, if you cannot take the time to make sure your spelling and grammar is correct, customers may question how good your products and services are likely to be, too. Professionally crafted content validates your business and will build trust in what you say and what you have to offer.


ADEO will translate text into French or Spanish or both where required.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so quality website and social media graphics and infographics can convey your company’s message in a powerful way. With your help, we will identify the graphic concepts that describe your company and what it has to offer.


Adding video to websites is becoming mainstream. A short two or three minute video that describes what your company does and what it has to offer is a powerful sales tool. From concept brainstorming to storyboards, shooting and editing, ADEO can produce top quality video that will help showcase your company’s products and services.

Social Media

Adeo Internet Marketing specializes in the design, development and management of social media strategies. The social-media revolution is just beginning, and companies need to develop their strategies or risk getting left behind. If your company deals with consumers, you MUST have a social media presence now. And even if you are a B2B company, social media is becoming more and more relevant by the day.

 67% of B2C and 41% of B2B companies have acquired a customer through Facebook.

The setting up of a successful social media marketing channel incorporates three distinct phases:

Strategic Planning

Who will be on the social media team? How often will the company’s social media channels be updated? What type of content will be uploaded to the social media channels?

Design and Development

Building the company’s social media pages—corporate colors, logo, timeline, history and images images.


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