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Internet marketing strategies

What Internet marketing strategy works for you depends on the your target demographic and corporate culture. However, some Internet marketing strategies are recommended for just about any site. You should start with these techniques as they are the ones that bring the initial traffic.

This can be divided into two branches. The first is the quickest way to get listed, but the second offers the best long term value. Some web marketers have made the analogy of renting versus leasing.

Search engine advertising

The only sanctioned way to appear in the search engine result listings. Advertisers place bids on how much they want to pay every time someone clicks on their link. The highest bidders place higher in the results.

Search engine optimization

Although not sanctioned, it is tolerated as long as you follow the quality quality guidelines. When successful, your site appears in the organic listings where you begin to receive traffic at no extra cost per visit.

Literally the greatest thing since search engine optimization, establishing a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can be great ways to promote your site. Social networks have direct marketing benefits, but indirect as well.

Even thought the web enables global reach, there are ways to apply your Internet marketing strategy locally for all of the above methods of bringing traffic to your site.

More online marketing strategies

Once you're a little more established, you can graduate to these online marketing strategies. This is because you have to leverage your existing traffic before these techniques work. However, you should plan for these methods in the early stages of your project.

You should be building an mailing list even if you support newer technologies such as RSS feeds and Twitter since this marketing method is still very popular, especially within certain demographics.

  • Affiliate marketing

This strategy is best suited for e-commerce sites. Once you've built a network you can leverage, or if your site is starting to bring in an interesting number of visitors, you can begin to use them as resellers and promoters of your products. Affiliate marketing is performance based so only pay out a commission on actual sales.

  • Usability and design

You should not leave this until the last step, although unfortunately many website owners do. Usability is an important, yet often neglected form of Internet marketing.

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