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Since 1998, the Access Driving School has offered driving lessions to hundreds of individuals, including young adults, professionals, families and new Canadian residents.

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It was at the end of 2014 that we had our first mandate with Access to design their website. It was with the help of our own CMS that we then programmed their site and started the organization of the platform. Subsequently, Access gave us the mandate to adapt their reservation platform to meet their different needs. We continue to make changes to this platform so that it evolves with the company.

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Access Driving School

We haven't brought any idea or growth project that they haven’t been able to bring to production. Thank you as always guys! After building two websites with Adeo we embarked on the continued journey of bringing to production a concept of a CMS we had conceptualized. This system is now live for three years; providing live - real world value and solutions to thousands of users. Adeo and their team brought the system to Rev 1 and have since helped us develop and successfully add several key features to bring our platform to the next level. There is literally not 1 time that we have discussed a new feature or change request that Cedric, Martin and the rest of the Adeo team have not been able to bring to fully develop and integrate into our live platform. I would recommend them without hesitation. As always thank you guys for your diligence and professionalism!

- Wissam El Hajj,
Access Driving School