Akelius Montreal

Renovated apartments in the most coveted neighbourhoods of Montreal.

Akelius Montreal renovates Montreal’s housing estates and equips them with complete lines of high-end equipment and accesories.

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When Akelius contacted us in 2014, the company wanted an evolvable site, but similar to that of the parent company situated in Sweden. It was important that we be able to punctually add new properties that they would buy throughout the years, including the incorporation of photos and availabilities.

What we accomplished

Web Design & DevelopmentWeb Design & Development
Akelius Montreal

The website now attracts nearly 5000 visitors per month, a third of which is done through mobile devices.


”We’ve been working with Adeo for bilingual web services for many years now. No matter what we throw at them, they are consistently responsive and helpful.”

- Max Cordeau-Andrews,
  Customer Relations and Marketing Manager,
  Akelius Montreal