2013 Montreal Internet Marketing Trends

September 23, 2013

With the year 2013 wrapping up in a few more months, we’d like to point out a few Internet marketing trends that have been successful for our clients this year. We expect these trends to go further in 2014, as well as to see the emergence of new technologies and more Internet marketing strategies.

Smart Social Media

Although Facebook has over a billion users and Twitter at least 500 million; it has been difficult for many marketers to understand how to get great results using them. Maybe that’s because traditional approaches won’t work in the social settings of these applications. But there are an increasing number of tools available that allow you to gain insight into social media data and can give your business a sharp and effective social media strategy. Hiring an experienced Internet marketing company is the first step to help you get the best from your social media strategy.


Retargeting is a means of placing your advertisements in front of your audience after they have left your website without converting. What many marketers fail to realize is that retargeting is one of the most effective internet marketing techniques available. If you are already investing in your website and your marketing campaigns to get more site traffic, then it typically pays big dividends to remind the people who left your website without a conversion of your value in solving their needs.

Remarketing Email Campaigns

In any email marketing campaign there will be a number of abandoned cart or similar occurrences. But to leave it at that is a waste! To make the most of every lead generated, email remarketing campaigns are already a popular option. This is the perfect opportunity to reach out and find out exactly what your potential client may be looking for. It also offers you the opportunity to win over new clients through offering a great discount or service.

Attribution Modeling

When you run multiple digital marketing channels, it can be difficult to pinpoint which ones are having the most impact.  By using attribution modeling you can build and compare different models and be able to see which ones work best. It will also allow you to create budgets based on more realistic numbers and in turn a more successful and cost effective Internet marketing strategy. Some benefits of this tool from Google are:

  • It works with your current data form Google Analytics. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to set one up. (It’s free)
  • Quick and easy to setup and use.
  • Allows you to compare numbers from multiple locations like: email, paid & organic search, affiliate marketing, mobile placements, display ads, and other channels.
  • View your data instantly

Search Goes Social

The more we move along in the digital world, the more clout is given to social data. Search engines have been incorporating this data already, but its importance will continue to rise. And with the continuous Google updates, clear quality content on your social accounts is a must. The entrance of Google+ and Google Graph just push this even further.

Those are just a few of Internet marketing trends we have noticed, but there are many more unfolding as we speak. Your business can profit from our experience and our expertise. Hiring a Montreal Internet marketing company will give you the insider’s advantage on your competition. If you’re looking for a proven company with cutting edge and creative team members, give Adeo a call today!


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