2013 Web Design Tips for Company Owners

October 29, 2013

Montreal Web Development Projects

Web design has gone through a continual advancement in the development of both the front and back end. From the early days of blocky tables, simple colors and text, to today’s highly responsive and mobile interfaces; web design truly changes faster than you can blink! With multiple code languages and the ever-changing visual style of web sites, good web design today will largely rely on simple, clean code and user friendly designs.

If you’re starting a web development project, you’re well aware of the variety of web design styles and functions. So how do you find the best web design results for your company?

Traits of an Exceptional Web Designer

Designing an exceptional web site starts with finding an exceptional web designer! Some of the traits that set an exceptional web designer aside from the crowd of average ones include:

  • A great web designer will care about the people behind each project.
  • A great web designer will pinpoint online behavior/patterns of users.
  • A great web designer will clearly communicate ideas and work well with others.
  • A great web designer will quickly understand the problems of each project and find solutions.
  • A great web designer will visualize concepts using a diagram, wireframe or sketch.
  • A great web designer will design a website to meet the needs of each client and their users.
  • A great web designer will design an appropriate website based on the preceding points!

2013 Web Design Trends

Once you’ve found an amazing web designer, there are a few trends to keep in mind. The main trend in 2013 web development would without an argument be mobile responsive web design. Because of the ever-increasing use of mobile devices, designing websites must involve optimizing for mobile users. After the mobile trend, there are a few other interesting trends to keep an eye on in the coming months:

Push Those Buttons

Make your buttons big! Small buttons can drive you nuts when trying to access them on the small screens of many mobile devices. Choose colours that stand out from the background, add text if necessary and make them larger! The idea here is about ultimate ease of use. Make your website experience easy and pain free to get the best results.

Parallax Scrolling Web Sites

Video games rely on a parallax scrolling design. Allowing web designers to control the depth of the elements on a site, this concept can add some major visual impact to your website. Well suited to highly visual themes, parallax scrolling truly opens the door to a new level of creative potential. It also offers added graphic capabilities at faster speeds and a wider range of animation possibilities when paired up with CSS3 or HTML5.

Stick to Vertical Scrolling

Horizontal scrolling is a major inconvenience when browsing with a mobile phone. Stick to designing a website that aligns vertically to minimize the need to scroll side to side.

Simple Web Design

First off, it’s essential today for every business to have a web presence. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on finding new customers and gaining credibility. Secondly, make sure your website is simple yet high quality.

Invest in hiring a web development company who can offer clean code and easy user interfaces. Then fill that website with exceptional written and visual content. Don’t resort to old fashioned trickery, but build your website honestly with natural and relevant links, articles and images.

We hope that helps you head in the right direction with your Montreal web development project! One of our specialties is web development; so if you’re looking for some insider tips or a web development company to partner with on your project, give us a call or send us an email!

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