3 clever tips to attract more customers to your online business

November 01, 2019

Because attracting new customers is always very important for any company. But knowing where to start may not be so clear. So, here are 3 tips to help you.



When it comes to sponsorship, we often associate it with large companies that have partnerships with celebrities on the Internet or on television. We therefore believe that it is inaccessible or simply out of budget for smaller companies.

This ideology is not really accurate. If you find the right small blogger or podcast, can bring new customers to your business.

It is important to keep in mind that the clearer the connection between your product and sponsorship, the more successful the agreement will be.




A spontaneous purchase is fantastic, but it never guarantees that the customer will buy again in the future. By implementing an underwriting, a subscription plan, you will obtain a recurring income that generates sales each month.

An example of successful subscription is the Millo company. Millo is a company that has developed a platform for freelancers to be discovered. Following their integration of subscriptions, 60% of their income is constituted of subscriptions itself and 40% comes from sponsorships.



3.Social Proof

When you see a trend on a social media site, make sure you don't miss the boat! For instance, today 72% of millennials will base their clothing taste on Instagram before making a purchase.

When social network users see you active and interacting with your fans, it creates a positive perception of the brand. When you combine visually interesting content with social proof, an increase in customer base is almost guaranteed.


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