5 Tips for Choosing the Right Name for Your Business

April 12, 2016

It all begins with choosing the right name. When a new business is being launched, a lot of thought and research must go into the planning and projections to ensure that the company can reach a target audience.

Following are five effective tips to help select a name that best represents your business.

1. Think about your clientele

The first consideration in business is your target audience. Choosing a name that is simple to pronounce and spell is the first step in creating the foundation for future marketing and branding campaigns, so considering the clientele that will be targeted is the key. Customers should identify and remember your name.

Avoid geographic names that restraint your market sector.

2. The shorter, the better!

Short names are catchy and easy to remember; however, registering short domain names can be costly. Once a name has been chosen, it will be necessary to check the availability of the domain name and register your social media accounts.

5-10 RULE
While it may not be possible for every company to choose a short name, several leading businesses’ names throughout history are composed with between 5 and 10 letters, for example:
Google – Starbucks – Honda – Apple – Xerox

3. Consider mobile

More and more consumers are choosing to use mobile applications to make purchases and stay connected with businesses they patronize. When deciding on a name, consider how the name would appear on a small square mobile app icon.

4. Ensure that the name is visually distinctive

Distinct yourself from the competition! As important as the name itself is, it's equally imperative to ensure that there are some unique ways making the name presentation visually distinctive — further contributing to the brand message. It can be done by including unconventional capitalization, unique designs on certain letters or combining two words into one.

Make sure the name you are choosing doesn’t mean something negative in another language.

5. Verify if you can legally use the name

Numerous businesses names are protected by copyright or trademark law. It is important to conduct the proper online searches to assure that you have the legal right to use the name.

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