6 Reasons to Use Google Tag Manager

July 28, 2015

Meta tags are an essential tool that web developers use for gleaning valuable information about site visitors. The problem with tags lies in their management: changing up your tags can take a lot of time, and wading through all of that code to do it properly can make you cross eyed. Fortunately, there are a number of tag management solutions, or TMSs, that make working with website tags a much easier and more streamline process.

Of these TMSs, one of the most well-known is Google Tag Manager. The Google name gives it weight and pervasiveness, but beyond those things, there are a number of reasons you’ll want to start using Google Tag Manager for your company’s website. Here are six big ones:

1. It’s easy to change tags without editing your site’s main code. Google Tag Manager creates a new version of your page each time you create new or adjust old tags. You never have to worry about typing something in wrong or accidentally erasing the incorrect line of code.

2. You don’t need to know HTML, Javascript or any programming. Google Tag Manager makes it easy to edit tags in plain English. Drop down menus for each tag’s variables, including ‘when to fire’ and ‘rules for execution’, are intuitive and simple to follow. You get all the results you want without having to understand what goes on under the hood.

3. It saves a lot of editing time. You could easily burn hours updating your site’s tags, between typing in new tags and hunting through each individual page to find what you’re looking for. Google Tag Manager does it all in a fraction of the time.

4. It helps your site load faster. You might not think that Google Tag Manager would help your load times, but it does. The tool loads tags when they’re ready rather than all at once, streamlines requests to external sites, and greatly reduces data redundancy.

5. You don't have to be an IT or web design professional to use it. To use Google Tag Manager, you need only a basic understanding of how tags work and how to use the tool itself. Google Analytics has helpful and concise instructional videos to get you started.

6. It’s free! Unlike a lot of other website management tools, Google Tag Manager is free for everyone. And it’s not only a great free TMS — it’s a great TMS period.

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