6 Tips for a Landing Page That Converts

August 24, 2017

By Mélissa Toutant, marketing coordinator


The “marketers” swear by it. A landing page is of utmost importance when it comes to meeting a marketing objective. It will often be used in an advertising environment. You can make a big profit if it is designed in a way that is irresistible to the users.

For those who do not understand the point of a landing page – or who need a little reminder – this article will answer all your questions. Here are our 6 tips for maximizing conversions.

Why Build a Landing Page?

A landing page is simply the page that will be used to welcome a visitor to your site. Why create a new page when your site already contains several pages?

Unlike your website that offers several actions and information to the viewers, a landing page has a specific purpose: to sell. In order to sell, your page must have a clear and measurable goal. For example, it can be used to promote a product or service, offer a consultation to your customers, give a guide to download, make an appointment, etc.

Once the visitor has been attracted to your ad, whether on social networks or on google, they should get redirected to a landing page. This will prompt them to take action on your site. 

This page is therefore used to promote a single action and will be useful for a commercial purpose, such as buying a product or filling out a contact form. All in order to collect conversions.

Its slogan: Simple and inviting! The main advantage of a landing page is that it is dedicated solely to a need of your potential customer. It’s like a mini-site where the user has no other distractions than the action that is asked. This way, you increase your chances of winning conversions, and thus new customers.

The content must be relevant and only offer the essential information that interests the user who has just clicked on your ad. They are expecting specific content.

How to Create a Landing Page?

Here are 6 tips for you to build a landing page that will bring you conversions!

1. Pull in the user

The title is one of the most essential elements of a landing page. It must both arouse curiosity and incite the visitor to stay on the page to do the action requested.

2. Visualize the offer

The visuals of your page is just as important as its content. It’s ideal to have an image of what you’re offering, whether it is the product itself or a scenario of a service.

Videos are also very engaging. In fact, it increases the chance of conversions by 64%.

3. Tell me how you can help me, I’ll tell you if I’m interested!

Users who click on an ad have a problem to resolve or a need to fill – otherwise they wouldn’t be on your website to begin with!

The message must be clear and relevant. Consumers will quickly leave your page if they do not understand your offer or if the advantages offered aren’t made clear. It’s important to show them that your proposal has value and that it’s an advantage for them to contact you.

  • Clearly state all the benefits;
  • Be concise and concrete;
  • Avoid the unnecessary;
  • Avoid mentioning only the characteristics of the product or service;
  • Eliminate distractions from the page (links, navigation menus, etc.)

Your potential customer must know what they’re gaining, or what they’re losing if they don’t work with you.

4. Offer confidence

In addition to relevant content, you must develop a sense of trust with your potential clientele. Show evidence that your company is competent and that your current customers are satisfied. To do this, testimonials, case studies or warranty systems are some effective ways to prove your credibility.

5. Demand an action

A call-to-action is of crucial importance. This button will allow you to turn the visitors of your page into a client. The primary intent of your landing page is based on this call-to-action. Put it forward with a color that contrasts with the rest of your site. The text in it should be persuasive and clearly state what action to take, such as “Book Now”, “Download A Guide”, etc.

6. A form to collect conversions

A form will allow you to collect data about your potential customer and to better track your conversions. Make sure it is short and that is only requests essential information. A thank you page will also be needed to secure the user and measure the effectiveness of the landing page.


Before you begin the creation of your landing pages, set your goals. What do you want to promote with a landing page? Do not forget that it must meet a specific goal. If you have 2 separate goals, then you should create 2 separate landing pages. If you already have them, they can be optimized in order to increase your conversion rate.

Do you need a helping hand? Adeo Marketing has a team that meets all your needs: from graphic designers to create a simple and precise design, strategists who define your goal and write a powerful message as well as programmers to make everything functional. Ask for a free quote today!  

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