Adeo Internet Marketing attends SEO Camp Montreal

April 12, 2011

Entering the auditorium at the first SEO Camp Montreal conference, it struck me…we were at a real live geek conference. The only time I had ever seen so many iPhones, Android phones, iPads or laptops in one room was at my trip to the Apple store on Ste-Catherine Street in downtown Montreal last Christmas. Wow…this should be interesting!

The day started off with a two hour Q&A session. The panel was made up of five ‘more techno than the other’ guys and one lone Internet copywriter lady who tried in vain to bring the Q&A away from the specific techno jargon questions being asked from web developers in the audience back to the reality and the purpose of web design and development: to provide a positive user experience.

Following a 15 minute pause, the hundred plus attendees crammed back into their seats for the first conference on Microformats/Rich snippets and SEO. Following this 45 minutes session, we paused for a well earned lunch break and chit chatted with some known and unknown SEO gurus.

The afternoon session started off with a speed presentation on local, national and international SEO tips and tactics. A very interesting presentation that packed tons if information into a very short time span and gave us confirmation that our separate domains for distinct languages was a good way to work and corroborated our thinking on many SEO topics. We were certainly happy to confirm what we already knew: Adeo Internet does SEO right!

The third conference discussed Social searches and Goole social ranking, and whether this is the new page ranking of the future? On topic was Google’s new “+1” feature. Google hopes that “+1” will soon be to Google what “like” is to Facebook and “tweet this” is to Twitter. How will “+1” affect page ranking? Are “likes”, “tweets” and “+1”s the links of the future? Time will likely tell, but then again, with Google, who knows what the future will bring?

The fourth speaker talked about communication skills. Whether you are going after links, offering your services or building your Website, the rules are simple. You need to offer something useful, something new and something interesting…if not, don’t waste your time - never mind other people’s!

The day finished off with the sole English presenter of the day; a trilingual Internet marketing company founder who showed us the importance of using Google analytics in order to dig deep down into the true meaning of the numbers revealed in Google reporting.

The one thing we can definitely take away from our day is that we are doing things right and that nobody really wants to reveal the exact magic recipe is when it comes to SEO. It takes good Web design usability and Web development practices, quality key words, fresh content, backlinks, time and patience. We look forward to working with you and making your Web site visible to your potential clients.

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