Branding Also Takes Place Through Social Media

May 18, 2017

By Mélissa Toutant, marketing coordinator


Social media networks are progressively getting more useful for businesses to increase their visibility, enhance their reputation and sell their products and/or services. It is a excellent way to attract and retain consumers. These objectives however, can be achieved only if the organization is perceived positively by its current and potential customers. Social Media has actually begun to improve the relationship between clients and businesses for the better. In this article you will learn how these social media platforms can help you gain the public’s trust.

What is Branding?

Branding represents the uniqueness of one’s organization in order to be perceived in an advantageous way by the public. When properly used, it allows the company to stand out in its market while conveying a message.                 

Your companies image must be reflected throughout all your platforms. It symbolizes much more than just the graphic element. Your values and visions are what makes it possible for a community to connect with your business.

An inadequate image, either because it was never worked on or because the public perceives it in a negative way, can hurt sales. It is for this reason that having a good brand image is absolutely essential in order to attract a cliental interested in you and your services. For any company that’s looking to increase its visibility and expose its relevance to the public its crucial to create a brand image that will be liked by many.

Advantage or Disadvantage?

Without a doubt, social media can be a disadvantage since your brand’s image is in the hands of a larger number of people. This means that anyone can see the comments, both negative and positive, of customers and the company cannot do anything to intervene. While negative opinions can indeed damage a reputation, it’s important to remember that bad reviews are crucial to every business and will help you grow. Businesses with an insufficient presence online may also suffer.

Aside from that, social media networks are a huge advantage to any business. Having a presence on social media gives you an easier way to communicate with your clients, along with many other benefits, including faster access to your information and an easier form of purchase. Take advantage of this chance to create the image that you have in mind.

Tips to improve your image on social networks

Most of your potential customers will do a web search before making a purchase. Because of this, it is even more important that you are present on the web and social networks. That being said, above all, you will be easily found on the search engines. Here are some ways that can help you perfect your image:

  • Create rich, relevant and diverse content;
  • Own a responsive website with a design that reflects your business;
  • Update your information on all your platforms;
  • Have links that point to your website;
  • Develop an effective SEO strategy;
  • Develop an editorial line on your social networks – especially without mistakes! – that brings consistency to your messages;
  • Publish on your social media channels with a certain frequency;
  • Share your values.

Mastering the different platforms is essential! Whether it is to create a new website, enhance the one you already own, manage your presence on social networks and online, or create engaging content, Adeo Internet Marketing’s many years of experience give them a big knowledge on the web that will help you. Our qualified marketing team will work with you to help define your brand on social networks. Contact us today!


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