Content is Still King - Why People Pay for Written Content

June 07, 2013

Content. The stuff on your website.

Unfortunately, for many businesses, that’s about all the thought they put into the written content on their website. In the design and development stage, creating the written content is often put on the shelf as more inspiring and interesting stages are tackled, like the visual design or overall structure of the site.

But content is still King.

What you have written on your website will not only attract or deter clients and potential customers; it is the online extension of your businesses and should reflect its values, persona, and tone. It takes a lot more time and skill to write compelling web copy than people generally think. Once you sit down and start to undergo the process of writing for your business, you start to see how much planning, research, time and effort need to go into doing so successfully.

The basic types of written content frequently found on successful websites are:

  • Product descriptions and names—specifically tailored for search engines.
  • Company and staff biographies— about your company and staff...who you are!
  • How to articles and instructions—addressing technical or practical questions.
  • Addressing questions and educating—answering common questions and general information.

And remember, everything written on your website absolutely must be error free and use proper grammar and spelling!

Get your website ranking with search engines.

Writing good content will also directly affect your website’s ranking. With the latest updates from Google, it is obvious that they’re cracking down on strategies and tactics that many websites have employed in the past to rank.  Amit Singhal, from Google says: “Our site quality algorithms are aimed at helping people find ‘high quality’ sites by reducing the rankings of low-quality content.”

Penalizing sites that rely on, or dish out paid links; phony-blog networks and the likes are all getting kyboshed by Google’s algorithms. Search engines are continually adjusting and changing the way they work; which is a good thing. It means that you will be found by relevant people, who will be more likely to spend money on what you sell. And it means that people searching for products and services will be finding the best, most relevant search responses.

In the end, the goal in content marketing is to be relevant, high-quality, current, and active. It sounds simple, but when you set out to do it successfully and consistently, it can get big really quick; especially when you have a business to run. Hiring a qualified and well-versed content writer is a great way to ensure that this critical part of your internet marketing strategy doesn’t fall through the cracks. If you can’t afford to hire an in-house content writer, outsource your internet marketing projects to an internet marketing company that specializes in content marketing strategies.

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