Content Planning 101

April 16, 2021

Ever wonder how some companies stay so organized when it comes to social media platforms? That’s because they plan everything ahead. Yes, even those posts that look incredible and spontaneous are most often planned out ahead of time. Don’t get to upset just yet, we’re going to show you exactly how you can do so too.


Most social media moguls take time to come up with an aesthetic, and it can be a long debate. Doing so, however, can ultimately make or break your social career. Having a clean and consistent aesthetic throughout your social media pages (especially Instagram nowadays) can make your audience fall in love with your posts. To do so, companies usually stick to using the same filters, colors, fonts and styles throughout all of their posts. What may look random at first will come together in time, so don’t give up.


Once an aesthetic is chosen, it becomes a lot easier to plan your content (AKA social media posts). Almost every social media star has a content calendar where they can initial plan which days they want to post something. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or any other social platform, coming up with an initial deadline can help keep you motivated and give you an idea of what type of content you want. Try to plan around seasons and holidays for easy content and post in between to keep your audience interested.


This is where we get more into detail. If you are selling products, you want to ensure that most of your content is product related. This can include promoting new products or specials, or letting your audience get an inside peak at what your products are really about. If you are more about daily life and inspiration, let your audience see the fun side of things. ‘Impromptu’ (but actually planned) ice cream dates or nature walks are an easy way of getting the photos you need. When it comes to content, quality is key. Make sure your photos are high-quality, aesthetically pleasing moments or your blog post is well written and includes all details possible. Just remember, too much of the same thing isn’t the way to go either.

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