Converting your website’s visitors to buyers

September 26, 2012

Converting website visitors to purchasers of your products or services is the key challenge for companies that have embraced Internet marketing. Conversion rates directly affect your bottom line.

Conversion rates vary wildly, and this can be disconcerting—especially if your website is at the low end of the percentages.

But it’s important to understand that conversion rates are bound to vary a great deal, depending on the services and/or products that the website is promoting. For example a plumber’s website may hit conversion rates of 15% or more (including first telephone contact), because of the service type. Chances are, when someone visits a plumbing website, it’s because they need to purchase a service urgently...or semi urgently as part of a larger project—a bathroom renovation perhaps.

On the other hand, a website selling jewelry will see much lower conversion rates...even as low as 1%, simply because of the inherent window shopping appeal of the product.

Once you have established an idea of where you need and can expect your conversion rates to be, make sure you are following these simple strategies to hit your targets:

  • Repeat your call to action regularly throughout your website
  • Make sure a contact telephone number or email address appears on every page
  • Pay attention to the amount and placement of key words and phrases in your website
  • Populate your website with quality content and update it regularly
  • Be active on social media with links from and to your website


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