The Creation of B2B Websites

June 17, 2019

Do you work in the business-to-business industry and are thinking about creating a new website? Did you know that a B2B website should not have all the same characteristics as a traditional business-consumer site? Here are some concepts to consider when designing a website for a company like yours.

B2B vs. B2C

The first step is to define your business. A Business to Business (B2B) company does business with other professionals. On the contrary, Business to Consumer (B2C) is when a company sells its products or services to the individual directly. As the clientele of these two types of businesses are very different, it goes without saying that a B2B website and a B2C website will have a different web design.

A Different Buying Process

Generally, the B2B purchase process is longer and more thought out than a B2C purchase. As a B2B purchase is more important and expensive, several people may be involved in the decision and some negotiations may be made. In order to optimize this process, a simple and effective design is needed.

A Simple and Effective Design

When a B2B client browses your website, the basic idea is not for immediate purchase. This client is seeking specific information. A simple visual design is enough for a B2B website. However, it is important to put a lot of information while captivating the customer’s attention. On your B2B website, there will be a larger volume of content than if this site was intended for consumers. The information contained on your site could include features, prices, benefits, means of delivery, etc.

A B2B client is generally more faithful than B2C clients. B2B customers tend to make several orders over several years. It is therefore very important to build quality connections with them. By being transparent, flexible and rational, you can build a good customer base.

Things that Won’t Change

Although there are several elements that are different between a B2B and a B2C site, some things stay the same. The loading time on the website must be optimal, as well as having good mobile adaptation. We also want to make sure we have logical navigation that is easy to help retain our customers. Finally, the brand image must be reflected in the words used, in the images chosen and the colors used.

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