Digital marketing resolutions your business cannot afford to shrug off

January 10, 2011

As we break into the New Year and slowly get back into our routine after many late nights of overindulgence, it is time to focus on your business resolutions for 2011.

If your business has not yet embraced the era of digital media, it is time to get on board, or face the prospect of falling behind your competitor. Smartphones, tablets, Google, LinkedIn and Facebook (named the most visited site in 2010) are here to stay. These are not just passing trends, but essential ways of connecting, acquiring and doing business.

You may have ignored Facebook, thinking that if was just another fad among teenagers, instead of a savvy business tool. And although you rely on your smartphone more than your brain these days, you never thought of it as more than a tool that gave you phone service and email access when away from your desk.

As Mitch Joel discusses in his article “Commit to digital marketing reboot or get left behind” from January 4, 2011, in the Montreal Gazette. This is the time to reassess your business’ readiness for the digital era. He suggests that businesses need to seriously sit down and ponder the following questions:

a) Does your business have a strategy when it comes to social media? Did you jump on the Twitter bandwagon because you saw others doing so and did not want to miss out, yet you really have no clue how to use it effectively?

b) Have you taken ownership of your brand online? Things such as domain names (.com and .ca), names of products and services in your area of business (even misspelled keywords!) are critical.

c) How well does your website reflect your business’ capabilities? Have you been so focused on understanding the world of social media that your website looks worn-out and outdated (and actually is…the guy you have listed as VP of Marketing was asked to leave after telling you that the Internet was no way to acquire serious business).

d) Does your website cater to the mobile crowd? As more and more people search and access the Internet using a smartphone or tablet you need to ensure that your website is offering them a positive brand experience by redirecting them to a mobile browser.

e) Are you “searchable”? You have a great website and you are confident that your business is top notch, but are potential customers able to find you through the search engines? Are you visible on YouTube? Are you listening on Twitter?

As you contemplate where you have been and where you need to go in order to be successful in 2011, it is critical that your business be up on the times. In today’s digital era, consumers have access to many of your competitors at the touch of a finger (and that finger used to have to walk, now it is sliding), you need to make certain that you are able to provide them with a superior digital experience over the competition.

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