Doing E-Commerce Right-7 Tips and Tricks for a Successful Online Marketplace

December 17, 2015

Online marketplaces have become increasingly popular since people are spending more and more time buying things online rather than shopping in store. In fact, this year, Cyber Monday actually surpassed Black Friday in gross sales for the first time since its inception- proving the worth of e-commerce and your possible online marketplace.

At Adeo internet marketing, we believe that the more effort dedicated to internet marketing, the more conversions will result for your e-business. Since we have the experience and know, we’d like to share a few of our tips and tricks to maximize conversions online:

  • Focus on increasing your product descriptions

Provide more information for customers to ponder. More often than not, customers are dissatisfied with the descriptions of specifics regarding a product.

  • Don't hide your contact information

Rather, put your information in the most easy to find place possible. If your product is complicated, expensive, or technical, expect to receive a lot of calls, but these are opportunities for excellent reviews.

  • Streamline your checkout process

Make sure that it's easy enough to encourage people to buy. The more steps between you and a purchase gives them more time to back out. Combine pages if you can, like putting billing and shipping information as close together as possible.

  • Don't require consumer to create an account, but give people rewards if they do

There are plenty of options for people to buy stuff, so just sell it to them before they go somewhere else.

  • Take the time to build a great search engine

The faster someone is able to find what they are looking for, the more likely they will buy.

  • Offer awesome customer service

Don't hide your information, make it easy for people to get a hold of you and when they do, make it worth their time.

  • Display high-resolution images

Give your customers large, descriptive images of your product, and an assortment of them. You can be sure that shoddy images will drive away a possible sale.

Do you lack time, or are unsure how to accomplish these tasks? Hire a professional and reap the benefits! At Adeo internet marketing, we have an experienced staff that can help you will all your online marketing needs, as well as web development and Google Adwords management. Give us a call today!

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