Emotional design

June 04, 2012

When a design is being created, it needs to be functional, but it also needs to touch people. This is what emotional design aims to do. Human beings are highly influenced by their emotions when they perceive an element or when they need to make a choice. Emotional design is frequently used when a new website needs to be created.

First impression
The first impression a person has about a website is very important. The website needs to draw the visitor’s attention. When the visitor is interested in the website, he or she will continue to explore it either to find what they are looking for or simply because they are curious. The design must be pleasing so that the visitor will feel comfortable when he or she is browsing on the website. Therefore, it is important to know what the main theme of the website is and who it addresses before the designing process can begin. Knowing who your target audience is a vital part of preparing a website. If the website is not addressed to right people, it will not have the impact it was designed for.

Once the target audience has been determined, the website’s mood, based on what the visitors will feel when they visit the website, has to be determined. The design of the website can be adapted thanks to a variety of tones like familiarity, humor, empathy, seriousness, professionalism, etc. The colors also come into play when the mood of a website is being determined. Vivid colors generate an energetic feeling while neutral and dark colors generate a subdued and more professional feeling.

People need to feel compelled to use a specific website. The website must speak to them while and it has to be esthetically pleasing. If people are satisfied with their experience on the site, they will return and recommend it without doubt. Their experience has to have been positive and satisfactory. They should under no circumstance, leave the website with negative feelings or because they were frustrated.

Their experience must have been positive and satisfactory. They should under no circumstances leave a negative mind and with frustration. By providing a design that suited them, we must succeed in winning their trust. That’s why it is important to give them a design that is adapted to them in order to gain their trust.

We must never forget to make the connection between humans and technology (website) it is the foundation ... and the secret to desiging a good website!

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