Five Reasons Why You Should Be Using Visual Content via Social Media

November 10, 2015

Using Visual Content on Social Media

The internet has always gravitated towards social interaction. But until recent years, the web was mainly text based. Email and slow moving chat rooms used to be the way that people connected online.

Today we still use words to communicate but we rely even more on visual stimulation to get our points across. With social media being such a large part of web marketing, sharing appealing posts is a must!

Five reasons why you should be using visual content in your marketing program:

  1. Visual content is most likely to be shared.

The majority of content shared on social media platforms is visual content. Sure a link to a text based article might get passed around but visual content can go viral very quickly.

  1. Visual content is received more rapidly.

The brain has a more difficult time processing text than it does visual content. 90% of information that is transmitted to the brain is solely visual! Studies also show that this visual content reaches the brain some sixty thousand times faster than text based content.

  1. Unique visual content stands out.

The internet is a competitive battlefield where everyone is looking to gain your attention. By producing unique visual content, you will help your message to stand out from the rest.

  1. Visual content results in more views.

Up to 94% more than those without, statistically that is. Humans are visual creatures and we love to look at things because of this visual content simply gets more page views.

  1. Visual content is more beneficial for businesses.

When reviewing the last four points, this makes sense. People love to view and share visual content, which results in a boost your businesses ranking, traffic and sales! Go visual to save time and money.

Now that you know why visual content is so important, why not find someone to help you put your ideas together? At Adeo, a Montreal internet marketing company, our team can help you design or configure beautiful infographics and images based on your business’s needs. As a Montreal web design company, we are a team of dedicated specialists here to help you from conception of your website to marketing of your products and services. Call us today!

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