Grow Your Business Through Quality Internet Marketing

June 11, 2012

Internet marketing is now more than ever the one channel that potentially offers the greatest reach and highest ROI. And yet so many companies in just about every industry struggle in one way or another with this exceptional marketing tool. Why?

Internet marketing is the name given to sales and promotion through:

  • websites
  • email
  • e-commerce
  • social media

Since the mid 90s, the Internet has changed the way we communicate, do business and even socialize with one another. And how we interact with the Internet has changed, too, and it continues to evolve and change at a breathtaking pace.

In fact, it’s the rapid pace of change that lies at the core of why so many companies struggle when it comes to Internet marketing. If you are not a tech company or you lack skilled tech support, then Internet marketing can seem daunting and confusing.

Over one million Canadian businesses do not have a website, with many of them citing the technological issue as a factor in that business decision.

Furthermore, many of the companies that do have a website, do not reap the rewards they could from it, because they do not utilize the channel to its full potential. But times are changing—fast—and companies are waking up to the power of Internet marketing as traditional marketing channels fade away.

Advertising in print media is at its lowest ebb ever, amid the imminent demise of the newspaper and magazine publishing industry as we know it.

TV and radio advertising are under pressure from digital recorders and commercial free satellite channels (around 90% of viewers skip through ads on recorded shows).

Unlike fleeting and expensive radio and TV campaigns, Internet marketing is effective, competitive and permanent. Your company’s website is an online office or showroom—open 24/7.

By employing an expert Internet marketing company such as Adeo, you will be able to harness the power of this powerful marketing channel, and you’ll quickly discover how perfect it is for the way you do business today. 

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