How to Influence a Purchase Using a Blog

August 26, 2020

In the online world, we can say that retail and social media sites are the most popular choices for influencing, followed by blogging. Blogs are more highly shared on sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google and Youtube.

So, you’re probably asking yourself how can your blog influence a purchase? Here are our top 3 ways.

Blogs Attract an Audience

If handled the right way, a blog can help you reach thousands of unique readers, if not millions. You can either promote your brand or a product with a well-written blog post. Once you reach the target audience, sales will start rolling in.

A Good Guide

A lot of us will seek help from different blogs and reviews before making a purchase. Almost every second person is using a blog post for their private searches on a product before purchasing. 

Plenty of consumers are using blogs as additional help when they simply want to narrow down their choices by comparing the pros and cons of the products before they make their purchase.

Gaining Trust

By writing blogs about different products and their specifications, not only will you avoid unwanted comments on your posts, but you’ll earn the trust from your readers by meeting their expectations.

A trusted reader could lead to a potential client who, if satisfied, can bring you even more potential clients. This loop goes on, increasing your leads from a simple blog post.


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