Influencer Marketing – The New Frontier

March 16, 2017

In today’s digital society, the entire marketing landscaping has changed for companies. Digital marketing has exploded and provides countless opportunities. To take advantage of this landscape without wasting time and resources, influencer marketing is a key strategy to implement. Instead of targeting the market as a whole, companies target “influencers” who in turn use their power to sway the consumer market. These influencers can be paid or simply inspired to promote your brand or product. Either way, the right influencer can have a huge impact with their followers. 

Before you go paying just anyone with a decent social media following to promote your brand, make sure you understand exactly what you are looking to accomplish. Like any marketing campaign, there should be a specific target or goal. Bringing an influencer on board should be a step towards that goal, not just a shot in the dark for increased exposure. 

Here are some things to keep in mind as you navigate influencer marketing.

Engagement is Key

Too often, companies seek out influencers with the highest subscriber count. They assume that the more subscribers one has, the more influential they are. Unfortunately, approaching it from that perspective increases the risk of being disappointed by the results. Instead, focus on the actual engagement numbers influencers have. These numbers reflect people who are paying attention to what the influencer has to say.

Embrace the Micro-Influencer

Forget the saying Bigger is Better. For this marketing strategy, you can have a much higher rate of success with a much lower budget by focusing on smaller influencers that have a devoted fan base. Going after the most popular social media influencers will cost you upwards of $150,000 and may not deliver the results you want.

Popular Isn’t Always the Best

When reaching out to potential influencers, remember that popularity is important but not paramount. You want an influencer who is engaged with their followers, who is relevant in your industry or niche and who aligns with your brand values. 

Influencer marketing can provide companies with almost unlimited potential if it is approached correctly. For help creating a successful influencer marketing campaign, Montreal social media company Adeo Internet Marketing can help. Don’t let your uncertainty with this new avenue stop you from exploring it.

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