Infographics: Several Advantages

May 23, 2019

Many marketing professionals say, “Less is more”. This means that the less we put in, the more benefits we get. With more and more companies on the web, this idea is gaining importance. Today's consumer no longer takes the time to stop on an ad, article, or image, unless the publication catches his eye. Infographics are a useful tool to use when we want to pique the curiosity of users. This summarizes, in an image, the information or data you are trying to convey. The difference with another type of publication or article is that an infographic has a very high visual value that stimulates the interest of the intended individual. As a result, this type of publication usually has a higher commitment and reach than traditional publications.

Quality Infographics

By gaining popularity, computer graphics are being used by many individuals and companies. While some don’t result in the success they hope for, this is mainly due to the fact that they did not use the necessary tools to create a quality infographic. That said, in order to have an infographic that catches the attention of the consumer, it is important to have it created by a graphic designer or make sure to use appropriate software. For example, we want to spot the branding in the infographic. This can be done using the same fonts and colors or by adding the company logo. In addition, the information must be easy to understand and precise. Otherwise, the user may leave the publication after a first glance. Finally, if you are exhibiting content that you are not the original author of, you must mention the source to avoid copyright and plagiarism.

Shapes and Styles

Infographics come in many different shapes and styles. They can be long, wide or even square. The important thing, again, is to stay simple and consistent with your brand. Afterwards, the content of the infographic can be varied. Depending on your type of business, you might choose to illustrate statistics, enumeration, comparison, information, geographic data or more.

Finally, we advise you to include infographics in your publications to vary your content. This quality visual content is fast, simple and effective. For more information on marketing techniques to adopt or any other question, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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