March 12, 2019

Where to put the effort for your business

Several companies have a presence on different platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. To maximize the benefits each has to offer, here are some tips that will help you optimize your posts for both.

First of all, it is important to distinguish the two networks. A common mistake is publishing the exact same thing on both platforms. Facebook doesn’t have the same needs as Instagram: a post that will reach many people on Facebook will not necessarily reach as many on Instagram and vice versa. Facebook has more than two billion users monthly and Instagram only has around one billion. There is therefore a huge potential to reach the desired target, but it is important to adapt the messages to the platform you use. To optimize your marketing strategy on both medias, you need to know your audience, their preferences and their needs.

Facebook for Quantity

Being the social media platform the mostl used every month, Facebook is the platform to prioritize when you want to be seen by a large audience or by all ages. On the other hand, it isn’t solely because there are many users that your posts will reach your target audience. Facebook uses an algorithm that allows users to see more publications that are relevant to them. Therefore, a company present on this network must publish content that attracts the attention of its target audience and ultimately engages them. To do so, you need to create call-to-action posts that are relevant and that will meet the preferences of your target audience. With several different types of posts on Facebook, it’s possible to publish photos, videos, live videos, links, articles and more. This range of posts makes it possible to have diversification and to identify the preferences of your public.

Instagram for Quality Content

With less than half of Facebook's monthly users, Instagram still manages to rank among the most popular social networks and generates the most engagement. With this being said, the content on Instagram is exposed to a smaller group of individuals but will generally be able to generate more likes, comments and shares than on Facebook. On the other hand, it isn’t because you publish on Instagram that you will automatically gain more engagement. For example, most users on Instagram are younger than those on Facebook. Instagram will therefore not be the media to prioritize a campaign that targets an audience aged 30 and older. In addition, it is necessary, once again, to create content that will provoke interest. As Instagram only accepts video and photo content, it is important to give a lot of importance to the visual aspect of the posts placed on this platform. A beautiful, original, relevant and coherent visual will attract the eye of the users. It's the perfect place to express your creativity and create rich content.

A Magic Balance

Finally, these two social media platforms each have excellent assets. Visibility on Facebook is generally greater while engagement is more important through Instagram. As these two platforms offer complementary advantages, we advise you to invest on both platforms to obtain the best results and offer a varied content that will delight your consumers. Contact us today to create a personalized social media strategy for your business to meet your needs.

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