Instagram - Where to Start?

August 09, 2019

With more than a billion users per month, Instagram is one of the most used social platforms in 2019. Without a doubt, your presence on this SME could be profitable for your business growth. So, where do you start? How do you build a strong base of subscribers? And how much should I invest?

1-   An Account in Your Image

The first step is simply to create an Instagram account just like your business. Use your     company name and create a catchy description that defines who you are. The information on your profile must be clear and precise. You can also add your logo or a representative image as a profile picture.

2-   A Professional Profile

Start by clicking into the Instagram settings, turn your account into a professional profile and link it to your Facebook page. By doing this, you will have access to a variety of statistics that will be useful for growing your subscriber base and adapting your marketing strategy.

3-   Attractive and Relevant Visual Content

Once the profile is complete, start publishing! In order to attract the attention of your subscribers, be sure to publish relevant quality images. I advise you to invest in a good camera and to take Pictures regularly. You could also pre-schedule several publications to make sure your images match and save time. Use the Instagram app directly and save as a draft, and if this is not in your interest there are several social networking apps available. A little trick to make your profile attractive is to have photos that have similar colors and light. To help you, you can add a filter to your images before publishing them. Be careful! It’s important to always choose the same filter and with the same intensity.

4-   A Strong Base of Subscribers

Contrary to what some may think, subscribers do just arrive at the snap of a finger. Several different strategies can be used to get more individuals to follow you. At Adeo, we encourage engagement. So, it's by following potential subscribers, loving their photos or commenting on them that you will build this very important base. To find these individuals, we like to build a persona type of the subscriber. Give it features that are associated with a hashtag, a location or even a brand. Then you can surf between these different features to find quality subscribers who will potentially buy your product or service. It is important not to pay for a big batch of subscribers. These subscribers usually do not generate any conversions and are not favored by the Instagram algorithm.

5-   An Advertising that Works

Last but not least, advertise your account on other platforms. Add a direct link to all the pages of your website. You could also add it to your e-mail signature. If you already have a Facebook or Twitter page with many subscribers, make a post to promote your new Instagram page. You may not need to take this route. You could also collaborate with another company to get more visibility. The possibilities are limitless! Contact us today to help you with your Instagram page.

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