Is your company’s website mobile friendly?

June 28, 2012

Technology advances so quickly today. We can barely catch our breath and get to grips with the latest gadget before the next giant stride forward.

One of the most recent technological leaps has seen the advent and rapid growth in the marketplace of smart phones and tablets. Where the laptop began the mobile communication/surf and search era, smart phones and tablets have taken it to a whole new level—last year, smart phones outsold PCs. This is one statistic that if you have a business website concerns you directly.

The advent of mobile technology has revolutionized how and equally importantly when consumers and customers use the Internet. Current trends suggest lunch time and evening are the new peak times for usage, meaning Internet visitors are using mobile devices to connect when and where they choose. For your company’s website to maximize its reach, it needs to be mobile friendly.

What is mobile friendly?
A mobile friendly website—or a mobile version of a website is one where the site’s content is easily navigated and read by mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Unfortunately, once you get away from the really big and high-profile businesses, the companies with mobile-friendly websites quickly become pretty thin on the ground.

Up to 70% of company websites are currently not mobile friendly.

The problem for many businesses is that their websites are simply too old, created a decade or more ago when the Internet was still a relatively recent concept. And despite massive and regular leaps forward in web technology, an incredible number of North American companies have made limited or no tech updates to their website since it was first created.

An opportunity too good to miss
Websites are now as ubiquitous as the family car. And just like the family car, a website requires regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Your company needs to ensure that its website is mobile friendly to achieve maximum visibility and to cash in by staying ahead of the crowd—a key strategy in gaining market share.

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