Marketing in a Brave New World

July 31, 2012

Where will your company place its sales and marketing dollars now that TV advertising is dead?

But TV isn’t dead, you say.

No, but it will be soon.

In the same way that advertising revenue collapsed in the newspaper industry and countless publications folded, TV looks set to follow suit.

Advertising revenue accounted for up to 90% of a newspaper’s newsstand price, and while this percentage may not be as high for TV, advertising still accounts for a large chunk of TV production costs.

But more importantly, it’s the viewing figures that drive companies to advertise on TV...and the times, they are a changing.

To ensure your company gets the most from its advertising and marketing budget, you need to look to Internet marketing as the marketing channel of choice. It’s all about expanding the size of your digital footprint. Whereas in the past we were passive, sitting there in front of the TV, allowing ads to wash over us—today we are active and aggressive—watching and searching for content when we want to.

Your company and its products and services must be accessible 24 hours a day, so that you are ready when a customer comes calling. Your business needs:

  • A superior quality website packed with all the latest information about your products and services.
  • A vibrant and active presence in social media.

Once you have your virtual storefront (website) and supporters (social media) in place, you can set about attracting and actively hunting for new business.

Internet marketing gives you more control over your sales and marketing budget and content than ever before. It just makes sense.

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