Montreal Internet Marketing Tips—The Power of Using Infographics

November 11, 2013

The Power of the Eye.

A visual message is powerful. In fact, a visual message can get your message across far quicker than you can in writing. Road signs are the perfect example. A quick glance and you instantly understand there is a curve or an intersection coming .

Getting the Message Across.

As a business owner or manager you have many different messages you want to get out. Some to your customers, some to your team members, and some to potential partners. Communicating the right message quickly and having it understood are two different things.

It’s easy enough to fire off an email message or send out an offer online. But when you consider how much information people have to take in nowadays, it can leave you wondering if anyone is actually getting the message. Especially if you leave out the visual aspect. People receive five times more information today than twenty years ago. Think about that. That’s more than a lot. Your message can cut through the sea of endless information quickly if you wrap it up visually.

Capture Their Full Attention.

If you want to really get people’s attention and send your message in a way that is instantly understood and remembered; consider creating an infographic. Infographics are beyond popular and highly effective. The web is littered with thousands of these visual bites, and even the ones that have little importance or relevance are still easy to interpret and fun to read.

Need some more reasons to consider using infographics? Here are a few key facts about the power of infographics:

  • The human body is wired for visuals. In fewer than 150 milliseconds, our eye can process and interpret a symbol or other visual object. That’s not even a second!
  • Our society is in information overdrive. We are bombarded continually with massive amounts of information. Designing exceptional infographics and visuals cuts through the clutter and gets the message across easily.
  • Popularity and acceptance of the use of visuals has risen dramatically in the last ten years. Books, newspapers and the internet all use increasing amounts of visual content. Even novels are starting to use more and more visuals throughout the story.
  • Great visual content leaves you feeling good. It feels good to interpret visual messages. Partly because we are wired this way and partly because it indulges a broader range of our senses.
  • Properly planned and designed infographics are far more engaging than your standard graph or chart. A great infographic will have a pre-planned flow that leads you through the information effortlessly and efficiently. It will end on the appropriate conclusion or some type of call to action.
  • People are visually wired but also story wired. Humans have a built-in radar for information in story format. So imagine pairing the two!
  • Visual + Story = Being Remembered! The best way to do this? INFOGRAPHICS! People remember 80% of what they see, 20% of things they read and 10% of things that they hear. Combining a clear and concise message, including valuable information, with well-designed graphics is a sure-fire way to get noticed.

Make your Message Fun, Be Remembered.

Infographics are not just informative; they are a lot of fun! Social media sharing tends to hinge on visual content, so if part of your marketing strategy is using social media for your business, you won’t want to skip out on the power of infographics! Pinterest is full of amazing and engaging infographics on every topic you can imagine.

Creating infographics requires developing a clear message, researching and verifying any information, designing the theme and visual components and putting it all together. If you don’t have time to create your own infographics for your company, hire a Montreal internet marketing company with a creative design team!

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