Maximum Optimization for Single-Page Websites

January 29, 2016

A recent trend that has been building momentum is the use of single-page or one-page websites to market products and promote businesses. A single-page website, which is commonly referred to as a one-page website is a dynamically generated or HTML website in which all sections of the site is housed on one page. When a navigation tab is clicked, it scrolls the page to that particular point, instead of navigating to an entirely different page. Single-page websites work particularly well as landing pages that are fueled by PPC or Adwords campaigns, being that the toping will have a single focus.

On-Page Optimization

One of the challenges that is associated with one-page websites is on-page optimization. On-page optimization is an SEO best practice that focuses on singular focus pages that can be optimized through centralized long-tail keywords, meta tags, sub-titles, header tags and page titles. It is also a common practice to use keyword rich anchor text to strengthen the optimization of the site. The problem with a single-page site is that it can consist of multiple topics that can be immensely distinct in nature. This can create a number of different problems when attempting to optimize the site.

Search Engine Indexing

Although the content on a single-page site can actually cover more than one topic or offer multiple products, when the site is indexed by search engines, such as Google and Bing, it is indexed as a single page. When a search engine indexes a website, it indexes multiple pages, which provides multiple opportunities for the site to appear in search results. When it comes to a single-page site, the fact that the entire site rests on one page can significantly compromise site ranking.

Search Engine Optimization for Single-Page Sites

Although the SEO protocol for optimizing a single-page site is slightly more complex, it is possible. The most important element of the optimization process is ensuring that the keywords are on target and well placed throughout the page, identifying all aspects of the page that should show up in searches. It will also be immensely important to create incoming and outbound links from and to high ranking sites. The content that is used to propagate the site should be fresh and relevant.

For the average site owner, optimizing a single-page site for organic searches can be somewhat frustrating; however, there are SEO service providers that over a complete optimization service that will be guaranteed to produce certain results. Adeo Internet Marketing has built a reputation for optimizing websites, including single-page sites — producing exceptional results.

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