Montreal Internet Marketing Techniques — The Power of Links

July 08, 2013

First Place on Page One

Internet searches are the number one way people find what they are looking for today; and Internet marketing techniques abound as businesses jockey for page one position.

Making the most of your Internet presence can be a full time job; and trying to navigate the ever changing landscape of SEO can be a challenge, but make no mistake; you’ve got to find your way through it! With changes to the way websites rank, mainly due to Google’s consistent updates, it’s critical to your business’ online success to assess and modify your website as needed.

Link Building in a New World

The meat and potatoes of previous Internet marketing strategies would arguably be the practice of link building. In days gone by, link building strategies have amassed millions of completely irrelevant, fraudulent, and scammy links that do little to add to the quality or relevance of an internet search. In an effort to clean things up, Google has changed the game when it comes to links; and don’t expect them to lighten up on this topic, en contraire, expect them to enforce tougher guidelines aimed at rewarding natural and relevant links.

So what to do? Well, first things first, take stock of what you currently have on your website. If you know there are issues, the first step is to get rid of them! After that, take a look at these two link building tips:

Perform a Link Audit

If you have no idea how to do this, consider hiring an internet marketing company to do it for you! If you want to give it a go, you can find tools online that will help you asses and remove links that are not beneficial. The key point to remember here is no tool can replace a human need to look at and think about your links to get it right for your business. Basically, you will need to determine which links to consider for removal/disavowal. Here’s a few of the obvious ones:

  • Purchased links
  • Link network links
  • Irrelevant and unnatural links
  • Spammy pages/links
  • Domains not indexed—a variety of reasons for this, but generally remove this type of link.
  • Links from a webpage with Google PageRank “0”
  • Site-wide links—think  blogrolls and footer links
  • Websites that contain malware or viruses—no explanation needed here!
  • Fake blog network links

Keep It Relevant and Natural

Keeping in step with Penguin, avoid link schemes like the plague and aim for establishing a relevant and natural backlink profile. A natural link profile will be made up of different link types that point to a website. It’s not really that hard to determine what your links should include if you understand your business and customers. Your links will fit within those personas. Your page’s links should be a well mixed batch that includes:

  • Your brand links—these are links with your brands name like “”
  • Page title links—a few links should match your page title
  • Partial-match keyword links—don’t over-optimize by using only exact match keywords
  • Exact anchor text keyword links—anchor text links pointing to the exact webpage
  • Generic Links—like “click here,” use quality written content instead


Adeo Internet Marketing can help you get a handle on your link building strategy, as well as other Internet marketing techniques that can help you get the quality, relevant ranking that your business needs. We’re ready to help, give us a call today!

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