Montreal’s Mobile Trend—Tapping Into New Markets

October 08, 2013

The World’s gone mobile! Or so it seems. Take a walk down any street, any city; and you’ll see the mobile trend. Coffee shops are filled with mobile internet users and people carrying on their conversations over lattes and espressos through text and tweets, rather than face to face.

Despite the rather impersonal feel of walking into a room on mobile, it does have its advantages and benefits too. Consider the following facts about our ever-mobilized society:

Instant Access

To everything! Mobile devices have allowed a large percentage of the population to tap in and remain connected both to their contacts, social media and the internet. That means that mobile users have instant access to the wealth of information available online and can use to make informed purchases. As a business, you can use this to your advantage by creating a content-rich website that is also mobile responsive. Offer your customers the best experience and information, and chances are they’ll purchase from you.

Instant Purchasing

Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, is an up and coming trend that will push the need for mobile responsive websites and business models even deeper. Consumers are using their Smartphones and tablets not only to research and compare products, but also to purchase them. While many use their mobile devices in-store during a purchase to check the competition and alternatives, more and more are completing actual sales online. As a business with an eye on the future, you’d be wise to make adjustments to your websites and business model to meet the mobile trend head on.

Montreal Web Design Companies who Know Mobile

Finding a Montreal web design company who is well versed in designing and optimizing websites for mobile is your first step. It is important that you take mobile responsiveness seriously; make sure that your site looks great on a variety of mobile devices. There is no faster way to lose a customer than to make them scroll back and forth, side-to-side and up and down; all the time trying to decipher your text and pictures. Make it easy!

Valuable Local Mobile Users

In fact, make it superb! Give mobile users a treat when they come to your website, like coupons, discounts or other valuable promotions. Make your mobile experience something that taps them in to exactly what they’re looking for, when they’re looking for it. Local mobile users carry huge buying potential for local businesses. If you can reach the local market, on their devices, while they are in your area, that is the perfect recipe for gaining new customers, or repeat buyers. Local mobile markets are an extremely targeted group. The local mobile market opens up huge potential for reaching precise segments, during peak hours with specific offers or solutions. Think about how you could reach different groups during specific activities:

  • Morning coffee crowd
  • Metro travellers
  • Moms taking kids to school
  • Commuters
  • In soccer stands or waiting rooms
  • University students
  • Lunch time buyers
  • Grocery shoppers
  • After-work dinner crowd
  • Late night groups

There is so much potential with local mobile marketing. If you’re interested in learning more, or are ready to take the next step in getting your business mobile, give us a call, we’d love to help!

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