Newsletters: An Essential Way to Retain your Clients

February 19, 2018

By Mélissa Toutant, marketing coordinator


A newsletter is an effective way to communicate and build customer loyalty. At first, there is a noticeable distinction between a newsletter and an email marketing campaign (also known as lead nurturing). Email marketing campaigns are a way of guiding your potential clients through their buying process in order to receive a product or service. Through a series of emails, you can help your potential customer understand their need to choose your business to help them over another.

A newsletter’s main purpose is to offer exclusive and personalized content to your existing clientele. It encourages your customers to visit your website, learn about your business through your content, remember the services and products you offer and then push them to buy again.

Ready to facilitate your sales and charm your current clientele? Read the following tips to start creating captivating newsletters today!

Why keep your customers loyal using a newsletter?

Retaining your existing customer base is just as important, if not more, than getting new customers. It costs five to ten times cheaper to retain clients than find new ones.

Once a purchase is made, your customers know and trust you. They become, in a way, the ambassador of your brand and can bring new clients through their references and connections.

In addition, if your customers have other needs or wants, it can be easier to convince them to buy again. This is where a newsletter works, by repositioning your brand in the process of the decision in your customer’s purchases.

5 effective tips for a catchy newsletter

1. Customize the content

The purpose of a newsletter is to offer unique and value-added content for your customers. Offer promotions, exclusive information, new products or services, downloadable offers, invitations to events or other valuable offers.

The more interesting the content, the more your client will read your newsletter and anticipation increases.

2. Speak directly to your client

Adding your recipient’s name is a significant to use. Many forget, but it’s an element allowing simple identification and make the recipient think they were chosen specifically.

3. Thank your customers for their purchases

Without purchases, you wouldn’t get very far! Taking the time to thank your customers, whether be it for a purchase, a good review or a subscription to your newsletter, can build trust and connections with your business. As a bonus, all these actions can be automatable.

4. Suggest similar products

It may be interesting to offer your customers similar or complementary products to their purchase. This may encourage them to buy something else on your site.

5. Offer advice for the product or service purchased

Educate your customers on how to use your products or services, tips on how to care for them and more. All of these can be provided by articles with their links placed strategically within your newsletter. These tips will add value and won’t want to unsubscribe, as the content will be relevant to the product they purchased.

If you always keep your clients’ interests first, you’ll find promotions and exclusive information to offer. Customer loyalty is constant work requiring time that will only be rewarded by new purchases.

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