Our web based auto link tool

August 23, 2010

Adeo Web Marketing Montreal has created a free-as-in-speech web based tool for quickly creating a page full of links based on a plain text list from a spreadsheet. It can also be exported back to excel via CSV.

The basic formula for success in search engine marketing is: create content and get back-links. The latter function can often involve drudging through a long list of links, for example: your competitors back-links. It is for this reason that Adeo Internet marketing created a quick tool for our internal needs.

You can try an on-line demo now. Or download and save to your computer.

Simply copy-paste a list of links into the text box, and the tool transforms each line into actual hyper-link that you can click. This saves a lot of time versus copy & pasting individually into the address bar, or working from a separate spreadsheet window. You can also import links and descriptions at once if they are tab separated. This was done to accommodate the TSV files (Tab separated values format) Yahoo site explorer tool generates.

The tool also supplies a handy bookmarklet that you can drag onto the links bar of your browser. Click the bookmarklet on any page and it will extract all of the links on the page, and output them in TSV format as well.

In this basic version you can also remove bad links, and export them back out to CSV. Unfortunately you can't modify and meta data. We also haven't verified it MSIE, but it works great in Firefox, Chrome and Opera. We are aware that there are many improvements that could be made.

The good news is, the entire thing has been open sourced: so feel free to grab a copy and improve it! We went with the MIT license since it very permissive, and matches jQuery's license (not used in this project – we're just big fans).

Hope you find it useful as well. Let us know what you would like to see in the next version.

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