A Personalized CMS Based on Your Needs

June 12, 2020

Firstly, what is a CMS? It's a platform that allows the content management of a website, a content management system. There are several popular CMS on the web, such as Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal and more. Most companies use this software for their websites. We offer our own CMS at ADEO, developed and built by our programmers to meet the specific requirements of our customers. In addition to adapting to the needs of each client, our experienced programmers can integrate existing platforms into this CMS to centralize all your data in one place. For example, inventory management systems, merchant sections and sending software emails.


Easy-to-Use Multilingual Platform

Our CMS allows both French and English content to be viewed on the same page and when it comes time for publishing, it provides easy editing as needed. Although many of the websites we create are only English and French, we have the capability of easily adding other languages if desired.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We are all aware of the impact that search engine optimization has on web referencing. We designed our CMS to make it as simple as possible to optimize the website. All optimization fields are available for each content page, such as fields for the SEO title, meta description, alternate image texts and a URL key.


Digital Marketing Tools

Our CMS has the capability of being used for marketing purposes as well. We can create pop-ups, forms, landing pages, personalized thank you pages, automated email submissions, newsletter subscriptions, coupon codes and more. The possibilities are practically endless.


eCommerce Solutions that make it Easy to Manage, Update and Publish your Products

This CMS makes electronic shop management convenient and simple. An unlimited amount of products and categories can be integrated with distinct fields of information. If you want to advertise Google Shopping, we can link your products to a Google Merchant account to create a campaign.


To facilitate the management of an online store, a dashboard is available in our CMS. It allows you to consult not only sales and orders but abandoned baskets, popular products, the number of sales per region and currency and the number of items per basket.


It is also possible to configure automatic emails. Very convenient, they allow you to send an email directly after the purchase (order confirmation and invoices) and days after the email (tracking numbers and satisfaction surveys).


This article is an overview of the many features our personalized CMS can offer you. Our programmers are experienced in this field, leaving you with a multitude of possibilities at your fingertips. We can help you find a solution to almost any of your needs. Contact us to learn more!

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