Some Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

July 08, 2016

While email marketing is still a very effective marketing medium, many businesses that are using email platforms, such as MailChimp or Hubspot, are not getting the returns on their investment that they anticipated. Following are some tips that can improve your chances of creating a successful email marketing campaign.

However, before moving into these tips, it is important to mention that email campaign marketing can be complex, and it may be better to invest in hiring an experienced digital marketing agency.

Start with an objective

The first thing that you must determine is what you are attempting to accomplish with the email marketing campaign. What is your objective? One of the most common causes of underperformance in email marketing is the lack of a focused objective.

Make sure your subject line is clear

Use a clear subject line that clearly defines what the email is about. The subject line should create urgency and stir emotion, setting the recipient up for a call to action.

Use a call to action

Make sure that the email content speaks directly to the target audience, explaining the direct benefit of clicking through. Additionally, the call to action should be clear and easy to understand.

Have a clean list

Also, make sure that the email is targeted toward those who will best benefit from it. Sending out emails to the entire list is tantamount to spamming. For example, if some potential customers have expressed interest in kitchens articles, they are the ones who should receive the email.

Test your campaigns

Before launching a major campaign, it is best to test it in smaller segments. Take two concepts and try both of them to see which one works best.

Measure the click to open rate (CTOR)

It is immensely important to measure your click to open ration which reflected the number of individuals who open an email based on the total number of people who received it.
It is also interesting to know the click through rate generated by your campaign. However, keep in mind that not all email platforms have this type of metric tool.

Analyze your success

This step cannot be overstated. Without measuring your success, you won’t be able to identify new opportunities, and measure your performances.

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