The Influence of Color in Marketing

August 10, 2016

In the field of marketing, choosing a color palette should not be neglected since the colors play a huge part in influencing consumers' buying habits. Whether for creating your logo or for the complete overhaul of your website, learn more about colors before meeting a graphic designer.

The meaning of colors

Each color plans a special meaning. For example, the black refers to the elegance and simplicity while blue means trust and security. Choosing a color palette for a company usually corresponds to his area of ​​expertise and its target customers. Indeed, children are more attracted to bright colors while women prefer pastel colors and men neutral and darker colors.

The color white, meanwhile, evokes purity, cleanliness and innocence. Funny little fact: this is also the reason why sheets in hotels are always white.

The choice of a color

When the time comes to choose a color palette for a company several elements must be considered. The layout is paramount; it is suggested to use a maximum of 3 different colors.

  1. Primary color

    The primary color is the one that consumers will perceive first.
  2. Secondary color

    The secondary color may simply be a darker or lighter variation of the primary color.
  3. Color accent

    The accent color, used sparingly, aims to highlight some important elements. This color is often a complementary color to the primary color.

In short, from a marketing point of view, the choice of colors you use when constructing your website is an essential step. If you wish to proceed with the creation of a website and need to be advised on the choice of color that fits the image you want your business to reflect please join Adeo, a skilled web development company and digital marketing agency. 

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