Three Digital Marketing Trends to Implement Now For 2016

November 25, 2015

SEO trends2016 is just a few months down the road and getting ready for the new year now is a wise move when it comes to the world of marketing. Today, we are going to take a deeper look into what will be trending in the marketing industry in 2016.

Three Digital Marketing Trends You Should Start Now

  1. Quality content is still the rule of the land

In 2016, quality content will remain highly important. This is not a new trend as all of you know, but stepping up your content in 2016 will definitely help your bottom line. Recent surveys have shown that up to 86% of business to business organizations have a solid content marketing plan already in place. Catch up to the rest of the pack and get quality content flowing onto your website.

  1. Comprehensive SEO

Again this trend is nothing new, but in 2016, comprehensive SEO will be even more crucial to your marketing strategy. Many of you are probably thinking about keyword placement by now. Keyword placement is important, but recent reports are showing that recent algorithm updates are leaning more towards quality content and great visuals.

Google is now taking into consideration length someone spends on a web page and the quality of the content to determine page rank. A web page loaded with quality content and eye-popping graphics including video and infographics is the key to success in 2016.

  1. Mobile friendly websites

This is where a lot of digital markets are lagging behind; mobile websites are still being neglected. With the huge surge in mobile users, not having your website optimized for cell phone and tablet usage will cost from an SEO and user standpoint.

Getting Some Professional Help In 2016

A great way to make sure that your marketing campaign is ready for 2016 is by hiring a professional to evaluate your situation. Adeo is a Montreal web design company that helps online businesses develop proven marketing strategies that truly work. At Adeo, an internet marketing company, we will work hard to help you come up with a definitive plan for 2016. Give us a call today!


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