Top E-Commerce Trends Of 2020

December 27, 2020

Electronic commerce is a business model that allows people and firms to buy and sell things over the internet.  Transactions of funds, data and money online are also counted as e-commerce. Online shops like Amazon, AliExpress, Shopify and eBay are parts of an e-commerce website. Logging into your account and buying something from Amazon is a classic example of an e-commerce transaction.

E-commerce trends need to be almost constantly monitored in order to stay ahead of competitors. No matter how experienced your e-commerce store is. If you do not follow some of the most important trends, there is a chance you will fall behind.

To make sure that you’re on the right track, we have prepared for you our favorite 4 e-commerce trends that have highlighted this year.

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Increased Voice Search

There are predictions that 75% of households in America use a smart speaker. More and more people are relying on voice assistants to buy a product online. Instead of visiting a website, logging into your account and searching for your item, you are able to do all this with just your voice. Major companies such as Google and Amazon allow potential customers to buy online buy simply speaking to their smart speakers.

Social Media and E-Commerce

Social media is a great chance for new brands to start considering how to improve their sales. Most of the world's residents spend time on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms, which is a great stage for new labels to get discovered with help from influencers.

Introducing AI to E-Commerce

To improve customer services retailers are investing in tools that will give them a competitive advantage and increase the personalization of the client experience. AI will become more effective in the future as it will understand clients and their reactions to the product they bought.  If they want to stay competitive, retailers should invest in this e-commerce trend as soon as possible.

Visual Commerce

One of the issues of running an e-commerce store is selling your product to someone who can't physically interact with it. Visual commerce takes the business to a new level by incorporating interactive content and videos. Many users will solely purchase products that have photos and videos to help them understand what they are buying.

There are many more trends waiting to pop up in the future and all should have one objective, to improve the shopping experience and keep customers satisfied. With technology rapidly advancing, we can expect much more in the near future.

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