2 big reasons why business owners will ignore Facebook at their peril

August 13, 2012

Despite boasting over 950 million users, Facebook has been a little troubled of late: The IPO didn’t work out as planned, and stats show that North American users have declined somewhat in recent times.

So if your business isn’t on Facebook yet, and you were wondering if you should even bother with the social-networking channel as part of your Internet marketing strategy, here are two reasons why now more than ever you should be making sure your business has a Facebook presence.

1. Timeline
It's almost as if the new Facebook profile was created with business in mind. While the large banner image at the top of everyone's page is not permitted to be used as an advertising banner, there’s still plenty that can be done to use the feature to showcase your company and it's products. And the ability to document your company's history is a great way to tell the story of your brand...with room to spare for larger pics to illustrate your story.

2. Social Proof
With Facebook being just one (albeit the largest) example of the many social media and social networking channels now available, social proof is becoming the marker by which a growing number of products and services are rated. And you can only take advantage of this if you join the crowd.

Whether your company is just you, or you and 100s of employees, we're convinced that you should be on Facebook. With the rapidly changing rules of engagement in the workplace, we don't think it’s unreasonable for major companies and corporations to ask their employees to set up fan pages that detail what they do and who they work for. Just imagine the impact that having your senior management team sharing information about your company will have. And if you are a sole trader or partnership, then Facebook is a very powerful messaging tool to help you get your company and it's products and services out there without a massive outlay.

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