Web design events May 2011

May 03, 2011

The old adage says “April showers bring may flowers”, so what does April snow bring? The team here at Adeo has seen enough of the white stuff for this year, and welcomes a warm Month of May, even if it's starting off with a bit of rain.

With beautiful weather on the way, we almost feel guilty encouraging you to attend these indoor events, but they were just too interesting to ignore!

Freelancing: Graphic Design
Wednesday, May 11th
YES Montreal (Youth Employment Services)

It may seem counterproductive to encourage people to attend this event since they are essentially training our competitors. But competition makes us better, an we would be really eager to add someone to our team with the skill set they are providing. The workshop will give you a behind the scenes look from an existing graphic artist that will show you how to approach potential customers using traditional marketing methods such as cold-calls and networking. It will also touch on basic accounting skills needed in a small business.

C3S2E11 Fourth International C* Conference on Computer Science & Software Engineering
Monday May 16-18, 2011
Concordia University

This international conference is the 4th part of a series that will speak directly to the needs computing science and software engineering academia. The goal is to meet once a year to trade new concepts and face emerging software engineering issues both practical and hypothetical.

Second edition of the NUMIX contest
Wednesday May 18th 2011
Monument National in Montreal

The NUMIX award was created in order to recognize excellence in multimedia produced by talented artists in Quebec

These are the events we have so far for May, but we encourage you to check back later this month for a second edition of our regular web design events publication. If we find enough interesting gatherings that merit a “part II”, we'll publish again. Alternately, subscribe to our Facebook page, twitter or RSS to get the update automatically.

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