Web Design Trends for 2016-Innovations from the Experts

September 22, 2015


For those in the internet marketing industry, having a finger on the pulse of the "next big thing" by way of web design trends is the first cardinal rule of success. Predicting trends for the coming year is best done by looking forward and backwards. Most successful design trends of the future have their origins, to some degree, in the best trends of the past.


What else can be said for the coming year in trends except that it belongs to those who are not afraid to step outside of the norm.  Adeo Internet Marketing are experts in this field and are expected to lead the internet marketing pack in the coming year. Look to the dreamers, the creative souls who bring to life everything that will make your company stand out like a beacon in a vast field of hopefuls. The web design trends for 2016 will leave no room for the mundane.

What to Expect in Web design for 2016:

  • A new emphasis on creativity and originality.
  • A renewed focus on fonts. Now that typography has surpasses its time of Arial and Comic sense, largely thanks to Google Fonts, more emphasis is expected and appreciated in terms of font.
  • A cut-back on page height, where there will be less clicking and more vertical scrolling.
  • Less content, more visuals & icons. Initially, a small amount of content will appear on landing pages, to avoid overwhelming the viewer. Once the text is triggered (possibly with help of a coordinating icon) a mini application will launch and make apparent the additional text.
  • Use of 'flat' design. The web design world is turning away from gradients and switch to flat design, because less is sometimes more. 

The other half of the recipe for web design success in the coming year will lie with web design companies who utilize state-of-the-art web design tools and creativity. This will include excellent presentation on mobile devices as well as on standard PCs for optimum representation.

Originality is key. The future of web design success in the coming year belongs to those who are ready and willing to delve into their creative capabilities and share them with the world.


The most forward-thinking and innovative internet marketing companies are constantly on the lookout for indications that a web design strategy is something special, such is the case with Adeo Montreal Web Design. They research and analyze, and they glean from that campaign the specific points that are predominantly responsible for its success. They then use their own expertise to spin new and unique elements with these findings to take things to the next level by creating even more popular ideas.


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