Web Design Trends Taking Center Stage in 2014

March 05, 2014

Technology has been so versatile in the recent years such that anyone who is not in toe with the emerging trends, especially in web development, will be left in the dust! Flat UI, responsive design, video/moving backgrounds, upgrades, refurbishes and more UPGRADES are the talking points - all in day's work of many Montreal web design professionals. Discussed here are HOT web development trends you should not ignore in 2014 in order to stay current and relevant!

Stripped down to bare OS-type of design

The introduction of Flat UI continues to advance functionality and the idea of 'less is more'. Using flat color and doing away with almost all the realistic aspects of anything three dimensional, Flat UI offers a refreshingly simple and user friendly interface that works well to emphasize function rather than flashy style. The good news is that this concept lessens clutter and gives web designers room to bend most design rules without compromising quality. Even better news is the compatibility advantage it offers for mobile devices; killing two birds with one stone!

One-size-fit-most (if not all)

Wouldn't life be simpler if everything came about with a one-size-fit-all option? In the web design world, responsive design seems to offer a piece of one-size-fit-most heaven! Although not everyone will be pleased with this option, it makes a whole lot of design sense in that you only need a single design layout that will be compatible for easy and friendly navigation on different devices. This not only saves time and energy but also money. Experts recommend thinking mobile-first in the creation of responsive typography, as it turns out that a good mobile experience is more likely to translate well onto desktop and other devices. It also helps to eliminate extras while emphasizing on simple but important features that aid web content navigation.

 Videos up and streaming

Thanks to HTML5, streaming videos online is becoming lesser of an epic-fail nightmare! There is nothing more annoying than clicking on the 'play button' and waiting for time to lapse and still end up with no video viewing success. HTML5 offers versatility for not only video capabilities but also it's support for animations, graphics and style which are integral elements for effectiveness in varied network platforms. With the promise of off-line support through the AppCache and database, HTML5 scores big for mobile devices where connectivity can be easily interrupted.

One-page show

More and more web design options are embracing simplicity by utilizing overlays and light boxes leading to reduced clicks, a much welcomed experience that makes surfing the web less tedious! Who wants to spend more time online searching through multiple pages for content that could have been easily presented all-under-one-roof?

Staying updated on these trends and recruiting the best Montreal web development professionals will thrust you ahead of your competition!

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