Website Trends for 2019

February 06, 2019

New year, new trends! At the beginning of the year, be aware of the different trends arising and surf the digital wave to help your business grow.


Among the most important trends in the marketing industry for the new year, we find automated marketing becoming very popular. To carry out this type of marketing, we need a tool that allows you to follow up and target specific actions with potential customers. It’s possible to program responses following typical behaviors, such as a sequence of emails or announcements to the user offering discounts or relevant information about a product or service. It’s important to develop a follow up of actions that will ultimately motivate the potential customer to buy or perform the desired action on your website.

Another marketing aspect that is definitely one to watch out for in 2019 would be optimizing your website for voice searches and facilitated ordering. Undeniably, voice control has gained in popularity throughout recent years, and is now used everywhere. Additionally, specialists predict a growth in voice controlled online shopping. Consumers will simply be able buy the desired product through speaking to their device. As personal information, such as home addresses and credit card numbers, is mostly already stored in the user’s account, the order will be completed in a snap.

Website Creation

In the essentials of website creation, we find chatbots. This type of automated response will be seen all over the web in upcoming years, with the trend already becoming more popular today. Chatbots are much more convenient than live chat messaging. In the same way as voice control, chat bot message can answer your customer’s questions through a “smart system” reply scheme.

Micro-animation will be more present than ever in 2019! Animating interactive areas on your website will make it more dynamic for users and keep them more captivated by your website.

For their part, carrousel image presentations are becoming less and less popular on home pages. Taking their place are videos, tempting your viewers into staying on your website to watch.

Social Media Networks

Regarding social media networks, quality and creativity will become your priority for 2019. It will be advisable to make fewer publications, but of better-quality content. Captivating publications will be much more appreciated and shared by your community. So, take the time to create attractive publications with good visuals and quality content.

Show more faces! In your publications, show users that you have humanitarian values. This will make your audience more loyal and trustworthy towards your business. Seeing the faces behind your company will give your customers a sense of attachment.

In short, automation and dynamism are key words to remember for 2019. It only remains to determine which strategy best suits your business. Contact us today for more information!

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