Why Gift Exchanges Are Good for Team Building

December 21, 2016

The holiday season should be enjoyed with your families and friends but also with your coworkers. Whether your business will invite everyone out for supper or you’ll take part in secret Santa giveaways, getting to know the people you work with is essential for your work dynamics. Adeo Internet marketing, your marketing service, believes that your business can only be greater with a great team effort.

Team building shouldn’t be done at any time. It should be done when your team needs to improve on its performance. According to Kevin Dincher, an organization development consultant, team building changes the way your employees work. A goal needs to be set and achieved during the workshop itself.

A Short Activity

While everyone is waiting for their food at your Christmas party, make them participate into a small game. It can be as easy as a small mime game if you're part of a small business or a dancefloor battle if you’ve got a large venue.

A Brainstorm Session

You can’t force your employees to like each other, but you can make them work well together. Organize a team brunch at your work place and make it a brainstorming session. While everyone will feel more comfortable pitching their ideas and enjoying the croissant and cup of coffee, you’ll also get to know what kind of ideas mesh together. Brainstorming with coloured Post Its is also a great way to engage with people who tend to be shy. Have everyone write down their ideas and stick them to a board or wall for everyone to share without putting any emphasis on specific answers.

Gift Exchange

If your employees take part in a Christmas exchange, make sure they want to be part of it. Otherwise it can result in disappointments across the board. If your team has been working together for a while, then make it fun. Either try to add a funky twist to it for your employees to get to know each other even better or make them work for their gifts by answering trivia questions!

Team building is essential to reduce the number of turnovers. You need to engage your employees in a relationship based on trust and communication. This new year, write down a bunch of small and attainable goals for your team. Every time one of them is done, let your team know. Celebrating the small victories is a great way to engage and to motivate your employees. They’re part of a team effort and they need to feel it. The small accomplishments lead to the bigger goals: the team goals. 

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