Why some companies struggle with Internet marketing

July 09, 2012

For the polar opposites of good and bad marketing in small and mid-sized businesses, you need look no further than Internet marketing. Generally speaking, small and medium-sized businesses are likely to fall into one of two categories—Internet marketing savvy...or not.

There are two major factors that decide which category a company is likely to fall into:

Company Type
Most of the time, tech, e-commerce and most B2C companies have a pretty good understanding of Internet marketing. These companies are usually at the forefront of digital technology, and they understand the benefits of Internet marketing. On the other hand, companies in more traditional industries such as heavy engineering or manufacturing may struggle with Internet marketing strategies—unless they have technical expertise on hand.

Company Age
Companies that were founded after the advent of .com tend to place more importance to and investment in Internet marketing strategies than companies that were founded before the .com era. Pre .com companies built websites because, well, it seemed the right thing to do. But with a client base already established along non digital channels, the importance of the Internet and social media, and the growth of sales through such channels is less important—until a decision is taken to make it so.

Internet marketing requires technical expertise...but as a marketing channel, Internet marketing has the potential to offer your company the best ROI. Period.

To fully take advantage of the potential offered to your company by quality Internet marketing strategies, you need to leave it to the experts and hire the services of a premium Internet marketing provider such as Adeo.

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