2013/14 Social Media Marketing Guidelines-Part Two

August 06, 2013

Well if you’ve read Part One, you’re ready for a bit more! Social Media marketing is all about engaging people on a very human level. Part one of this article outlined how to set up the parameters of your company’s Social Media platforms, as well as some tips for engaging audiences successfully.


Tip 5: You Can Be Involved, You Can’t Control

Social Media is all about me. Or them. Whoever they may be. It’s not about spouting off company jargon or sales speeches. Things that work well in social circles are things that are a little closer to the heart. They are things that matter to people, things people have passion for...if you can interact on this level, your products and services will be sought out naturally. And in the course of a natural conversation, should a product or service be fitting, then mention it; send a link, whatever...the key is “natural.”


Tip 6: Don’t Censor—Unless Content Breaks your Guidelines

Some people don’t like the idea of giving people the opportunity to post comments on content or company pages, but it’s important. And it’s important that if the dreaded happens, and somebody posts vulgar, hateful or distasteful content on your page, that you can remove it. Just make sure that you publically address why you removed it. Controlling the conversation will get you ditched in no time flat, but if posts or comments break you company’s guidelines and ethics, or single out a person; it’s important to maintain a safe and fitting tone online.


Tip 7: Monitor Activity and Accounts

Simply setting up an account and walking away will get you nowhere. To get results from Social Media, make sure you have assigned somebody to manage, monitor and maintain these accounts. The thing about Social Media is that the best results come in real time situations. It doesn’t generally come by responding to something six days later. You need to be online and present daily to get good results. You want to interact with people in the moment. That has the greatest impact. Of course, if you miss something, late is better than never!


Tip 8: Real-time Presence, Post Frequently

Again, real time is the right time! And having frequent posts and interactions is what will build up your presence. Keep in mind though, if you start spamming out copious amounts of material, people will end up removing, blocking or hiding your stuff. It’s a balance to find what enough is, and what’s too much. If you find that keeping up your Social Media accounts is detracting from taking care of other areas of your business, hire a Montreal internet marketing company to do it for you!


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